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Does it feel like there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done?

Are there days when you feel like you are doing the job of two people? You can't afford to drop any of the "balls" you have in the air either. So, how exactly can you be more productive? How is that possible at this point?

This can leave you with that dreadful feeling of overwhelm, stress and losing control of the overall direction.

What if there was an implementable structure that alleviates the overwhelm?

Enhancing work environments through effective communication that results in elevating the leadership within an organization


Lisette Jones- Leadership Consultant & Trainer


There is nothing more uncomfortable than when you arrive at work and are immediately faced with a conflict that needs resolution.  That often can set the tone for the day and is added to the LONG list of tasks required before you leave at the end of the day.


For over 10 years I have heard stories expressing these type of issues. There is a way to reduce these challenges.  I have had the opportunity to enhance work environments for numerous organizations through effective leadership and communication tools.  There is something to be said about establishing a workplace where staff don’t dread coming to work.  


I have uncovered many root causes of issues for businesses.  Or simply found better ways to do things or communicate.  My clients tell me they see a difference in staff motivation and productivity.  They experience happier workplaces where the staff and managers look forward to more cohesiveness and less drama.

3 steps to building effective teams

Step 1: Schedule Your Call

A 30-minute complimentary call to uncover the goals you have for yourself and your team.

Step 2: We Get To Work

We get to the heart of the matter and create a plan that works for your organization.

Step 3: Experience the Culture Shift

Feel confident in your newly inspired leaders.


End the chaos and conflict today for a productive tomorrow

At ThinkSmart Training & Consulting we know how important effective leadership is for creating productive workplaces. The problem is you haven’t yet found the right tools to get your team to perform at the desired level. This leaves your managers and directors continuously struggling to find ways to get their teams to cooperate.

We believe organizations don’t need to leave their managers out in the cold to fend for themselves to deal with difficult situations. With the right communication tools paired with how to implement them, you can create a happy workplace that generates and motivates the team to be high performers.

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