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Do you have a manager who is struggling with managing people in their respective department? Do you have staff frequently knocking on your door for assistance on run of the mill tasks ? Spending more than 50% of your time managing people can take its toll, especially when it has to be added to the list of duties already assigned to you.

Leadership is the key to success. Our coaching services go beyond the traditional. We take a holistic approach by examining the overall culture.

Strategic development for leaders is combined with practical skill enhancement for staff, fostering organizational success.

Imagine being able to resolve people issues quickly and efficiently giving them back time to get their own tasks done.

This can be resolved with clear expectations and structures in place for clear direction of what needs to be accomplished in the run of a day/week.

Imagine enabling your staff to take initiative to solve many of their challenges because they have clear structures and mandates in place.

So many things can cause poor performance. Many of these issues can be resolved. We can help you with that.

How do we help you?

  • One-month programs for leaders and managers including a DiSC ® assessment of your choice.
  • Staff support including progressive discipline

Perhaps a team member is seeking support, navigating progressive discipline, or simply requiring early intervention to prevent issues from escalating. 

Our one-month programs for staff members target areas needing improvement. Through weekly meetings, we collaboratively strive to guide your staff toward their and the company’s desired outcomes.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our human resources consulting and coaching services. Tailored solutions for lasting success.

Empower your team with the expertise of ThinkSmart Training.

Take the next step towards a more cohesive, productive and motivated workforce.

Book a consultation and let’s shape the future of your organization together.