Retention Tip

Traditional job and exit interviews need stay interviews

These conversations are a proactive approach to keeping your talented employees.

Key Objectives:

  • Boosting Loyalty
  • Enhancing company culture
  • Ensuring the happiness of your top performers


Get your organization on the same page with ThinkSmart Consulting

Stay interviews foster open communication and a free flow of ideas.

It is well known that a happy employee feels like they are contributing not only to their success but to the success of the company.

These are the talented people you've trained and are thriving - until they are not.

So, what do you do when a once productive employee is no longer contributing as before and you are feeling a sense they are not happy with their current situation?

Stay interviews.

I've got 15 structured questions you can ask your employees to engage in a deeper conversation to uncover current issues, open up the line of communication, and work on a plan to retain your valuable employees.

The program ThinkSmart uses has been researched and analyzed for over 40 years.


Incorporate these 15 questions into your one-on-one sessions with your team members.

Keeping talented staff is not only cost-effective but improves the overall morale of the office.