ThinkSmart CEO,  Lisette Jones

Based in Nova Scotia, Serving Atlantic Canada

In the midst of constantly putting out fires, the journey towards your goals may seem elusive. You have likely wondered if there is support to help you get where you want to be.  Wanting to be a transformational leader is a worthy goal and it is not something you need to do alone.

Transform your Workplace with Thinksmart Training


At ThinkSmart, we get it. Sometimes even the best teams struggle.

For the past eleven years as a consultant and trainer and certified coach practitioner, I've helped hundreds of people just like you overcome chaotic or challenging situations and experience productivity, and engagement. I have experience in many industries and levels of management through my work as a Workplace Education Instructor and Organizational Needs Assessment Consultant trained through the Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration.

I have seen teams with issues transformed into unified, collaborative powerhouses. I am committed to helping you gain control so you can stop feeling like you are riding a wild rollercoaster.

The process is simple — start by booking your complimentary call. Once you have met with me, you’ll have taken the first step to transforming you and your workplace. Let's start building momentum, solve problems, and enhancing productivity.

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